Meet your candidates for Student Living and Sustainability Officer 2020

The officer role involves supporting and improving students’ living experiences, representing the ethical and environmental opinions of students and promoting sustainability across University

Georgina Martin – ‘Vote Georgina, make Campus Greener!’

Georgina is a fourth year of American Studies & Politics, and the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Fabrik Sussex. If elected, she aims to use her passion for sustainability to ‘create a greener, cleaner, yet more affordable experience for all students’, involving cheaper sustainable transport, rent reduction, food waste and recycling.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab she explains that her campaign is “focussed on the smaller things” like “everyday sustainable switches that can be quickly implemented whilst fighting the bigger things”. Georgina wants “the encouragement of better, greener and more accessible transport and more widespread support for students that are struggling”.

Read Georgina’s full manifesto here.

Roseanne Steffen – ‘Done with the norm? Vote Transform!’

Roseanne was a main organiser of the Brighton Youth Strike for Climate, and intends to use her experience in bringing about change to fight on environmental and sustainability issues here at Sussex. If elected, Roseanne will address topics such as affordable housing, creating a safer campus community, protecting the SU from cuts and holding the university to account on it’s climate emergency pledge.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab she explains that as a new role, “there is huge potential to make it reflect really fundamental concerns for students at Sussex”. Speaking of her priorities, she says “actually affordable renting is going to be a massive priority”. All in all, Roseanne will be working with her running mates to “raise expectations amongst students of what we can expect from our University”.

Read Roseanne’s full manifesto here.