Sussex University launches a virtual events page to entertain bored students

It comes after Varsity and One World Week have been cancelled

The University of Sussex’s events team have launched a virtual portal that is aiming to promote events that have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Over the past few weeks, Varsity sport, One World Week and other society lead activities have been called off as the university announced the suspension of all face-to-face teaching and cancellation of all summer examinations.

Many students practising social distancing have expressed their boredom: “Now that I’m stuck in the house I feel like I’m lacking the routine that Uni gave me. I miss seeing my friends on campus.”

The website currently contains updates on the student election, a collection of interesting TED talks and fitness videos – but the organisers say they welcome input from anyone. Students can email [email protected] to add to it.

The website can be accessed here.