Sussex students circulate open-letter to Vice-Chancellor demanding to rerun this term

The letter has received over 700 signatures so far

After the news of the University closing its doors for the rest of the academic year, students are becoming more frustrated at the amount of content and teaching they have received this term, as only 3 weeks of teaching went ahead un-disturbed.

Two 3rd year students at the University have created an open letter addressed to the Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell demanding to rerun the term after “three years of consistent disruption”.

They said; “We think the Uni’s initial response to the crisis (to ban face-to-face contact) is essential to preventing the spread of the disease and reducing the strain on our NHS and public services. However, we do not believe the move online sufficiently accounts for how students will be affected by Covid-19.” 

Students at the University pay anywhere from £9,250 upwards, with international students paying double in some cases.

“Our letter proves that the University has not demonstrated that it has done everything within its power to make up for a loss of service. They either have to attempt to meet our demands, or pay out.”

The letter comes after the University suspended teaching this week and announced all teaching would move online from Monday 23rd March onwards.

“In terms of graduating with a fair degree, final students are already at a major disadvantage. We have had three years ravaged by strikes that we have not been considerably compensated for, the coronavirus and the Uni’s response to it is just another example of their inability to adequately provide for students. However, with our letter, we will be able to graduate with a better degree than we would if we agreed to simply move online.”

Students across the University are still waiting to hear how their deadlines and assessments will be affected by the disruption to the end of term.

You can read and sign the full letter here.