Which VK flavour is your Sussex accomodation?

Not everyone can get Orange and Passionfruit

The VK has safely secured itself a place within university culture. The love for a good VK is what unifies students on nights out. However, this doesn’t mean that the flavours are all on the same level of delicious-ness.

Truth be told, whatever flavour you drink probably says a lot about you. But some are really better than others. So, what Sussex accommodation matches up with each flavour?

Northfield — Strawberry and Lime

If you live in Northfield then you are automatically considered to be flirty and you always have amazing stories to tell about your messy nights. You appreciate the space you have from the other accommodations on campus because they are simply not up to scratch with your whole vibe.

You probably identify with Pryzm the most and you always boast about having such a nice kitchen, however now students have had their head turned by the more popular East Slope. Just admit it, you’re bitter.

Lewes Court — Blue

The classic, the standard, the one which is probably getting more and more underrated as time goes on. You would think Lewes Court would be the CEO of Sussex accommodation, but the reality of it is different. You’re close to Northfield bar which is a bonus but it is still a bit of a walk to get to, it has pros and cons.

But you’re probably always up for a good time, and you can’t go wrong with Lewes Court.

East Slope — Orange and Passionfruit

Orange and passionfruit is for people who love to party, just like East Slope. The townhouse flat parties definitely show this lively attitude. It’s probably one of the most popular and largest accommodations. If you live here then you are probably always the first one on the dance floor and you aren’t afraid to show that you can actually dance.

But, despite the problems of the bin cupboards and having no water every now and then, it is the best flavour and the best accommodation available to Sussex students.

Swanborough — Watermelon

You are the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. And, just like Swanborough, you’re colourful too. But, although both are popular, we kind of forget about them.

You’re everyone’s go-to for a nice break between lectures. Being right in the heart of campus has its perks, the co-op is extremely close and you can literally leave five minutes before any lecture and be on time.

Park Houses  — Tropical

There ain’t no party like a Park House party. If you live here then you are just like the tropical VK, you live and breathe partying.

They’re fun and zesty, but really just making the most of what they’ve been given. With 12 flatmates this accommodation is super social and loves to be a bit wild. When you move off campus, you are prepared for whatever student housing throws at you. After roughing it for a year, nothing can faze you, not even rats.

Stanmer Court — Black Cherry 

Black Cherry is a bit mysterious just like Stanmer Court. It’s a bit further away from the other accommodations, gated and not even owned by the university, which all add to its secrecy. You’re essentially onto a winner if you stay here, Falmer station and a popular bus stop right on your door step, forget lectures, going into town for a shopping trip will be less hassle.

No one knows what Stanmer Court is, but everyone wants to. No one can work a VK like you do, you are elegant, tasteful and everyone wants to be you.

Park Village and Brighthelm — Ice

As ice cold as your halls. You probably rarely go out and if you do, then you never pre drink in your own flat. It is easy for you to slip through the net and to be forgotten about, especially because of your slightly strange location on campus. But still, you probably didn’t pick that for yourself.

Most of the time you’re probably chilling on campus, or maybe in the South Downs with an Ice VK in hand.

Lancaster House and Kings Road — Apple and Mango 

A bit weird, the accommodation and its residents. When you first tell someone you live here, they will probably be shocked. Sharing a bathroom with 12 people probably wasn’t your first choice. But, you have to make the most of what you’ve got.

But if anyone is going to succeed after graduation, it’s probably you. You’ve seen it all!