Brighton and Kemptown MP has tested positive for coronavirus

He said he felt the symptoms last Wednesday

Brighton and Kemptown MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, has tested positive for coronavirus.

He released a statement which explained: “I felt symptoms last Wednesday, immediately self- isolated and called 111. I had a home visit and was tested on Thursday, this was the last day of community testing.”

He continues explaining the importance of people being tested for coronavirus as there is “a manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland exporting 15-minute COVID tests around the world because our NHS is not ordering them.”

Russell- Moyle continued: “This is the greatest test our NHS has ever faces, an NHS that was already under strain. I have every confidence that we have the skills and resources to beat the virus, but only if we take radical steps to reorganise and reprioritise our system.”

The governments official advice can be found here.

The NHS official advice can also be found here.