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Here’s how your favourite Brighton clubs have been responding to COVID-19

What the hell am I gonna do with my life?

Yesterday, the government advised people to avoid pubs and clubs wherever possible in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. As one of the biggest clubbing cities in the country, Brighton’s night scene looks set to be hit hard by the pandemic.

Here’s what all the most popular clubs in Brighton have said in regard to the pandemic, so far:


Popular club and gig venue Concorde2 has announced it is closing “for the time being”. In a statement posted on Instagram, the club told it’s followers that they “hope the closure will be short-lived.”

They have so far cancelled all shows until the end of March but have warned customers that the closure could last longer.


The face of Brighton’s gay night scene, Revenge announced in an Instagram post that they will be remaining open for the time being. The statement announced that “the safety and health of our customers and staff at Revenge are our number one priority.

“In the mean time we have heavily stepped up our hygiene and cleaning protocols. We ask all customers to do the same.”


In a brief statement posted on Instagram, Pryzm told their followers: “Without a government directive to close, we are remaining open for business.”

Donuts @ Patterns

One of the most popular alternative students nights in Brighton, Donuts has announced its cancellation until further notice. Posting on Facebook, Donuts wrote: “Like many other businesses in our sector, we have decided to put a temporary hold on our events.”

“In the absence of our weekly events we have the time and capability of reaching vulnerable members of the community to buy and deliver necessary food, supplies and medication. If you know someone who needs this please don’t hesitate to pass on our page details.”


C U Next Tuesday currently remains open for business. In an Instagram post they urged clubbers to “only attend our events if you possess no symptoms for the coronavirus”.

The Arch

The Arch has announced they will remain open as normal with no changes to the current running of the venue. Safety measures will be implemented at the club such as taking the temperatures of attendees. They have, however, warned that due to travel restrictions some artists will be unable to perform at the venue.

Coalition and Shoosh

So far, neither Coalition nor Shoosh have many any statement in regard to the pandemic. Their Instagrams imply they remain entirely open for business.

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