Sussex suspends all face-to-face teaching

The action will take effect immediately.

The University of Sussex has now joined other universities across the uk and called all in-person teaching to a halt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past two weeks, Sussex university has been receiving criticism for their handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, the university has cancelled trips abroad for students, as well as popular events such as the annual Sussex Snow ski trip and the sport society tours.

In an email to Sussex students, the university confirmed the cancellation of in-person teaching and stated: “The University management has decided to suspend all teaching for the week, from today, and begin online teaching from Monday 23 March.

“Although there will be no classes on campus this week, the campus will continue to remain open and essential services will be provided.”

The university have acknowledge the distressing time for many students, especially since this decision follows the four week period of industrial action.

It is not yet known how examinations will be run.

The Sussex Tab will update you with more information as it follows.