Meet the dogs from the University of Sussex DogSoc

Get ready for some wholesome doggo content

Everyone at Sussex has heard of the Dog Walking Society, and most of you will have joined for at least one walk or seen them meeting on the ACCA lawn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you have a dog at home, chances are you are missing them more than every single one of your family members and are craving the love that only they can provide.

This is exactly why DogSoc is so incredible, and if somehow you aren’t convinced just yet, it’s time to meet the dogs.


First and foremost an incredible name for a dog, 10/10 for this alone. Throughout the walk, if he has a ball in his mouth you best believe he will protect it with his life. I think we all deserve someone who loves us as much as Stanley loves his tennis ball. We absolutely stan, Stan.


You will most likely hear this fluffy boy before you see him, but while he sounds like he’s fuming 99 per cent of the time, he is a very loveable pup and thoroughly enjoys a good pat and to be told that he is a good boy.


Melts the heart of every single human she meets. This little sausage prefers a sunny walk, often refusing to take part on a rainy day. After all, she didn’t grow a coat like that just to walk through mud and mess it up.


An excitable baby who will often trip you up while you walk which really adds a bit of excitement to the experience. Rhubarb’s legs are also different colours because she is not like other dogs – a quirky queen.


Hockley quite frankly would die for a tennis ball. He loves to play fetch but do not be mistaken, he will not allow you to pick that ball up. This good boy will accept ball kicks only and quite frankly he deserves nothing less.


A soft angel. Molly minds her own business on the walks and simply yeets herself wherever she sees fit. We LOVE a strong, independent woman.


I don’t know about you, but that smile alone makes us a bit emotional. Another incredible name for an incredible doggo.


The gentle giant of DogSoc – he plays tug of war with the teeny tiny dogs and allows them to think they stand a chance of winning for a while which, in my opinion, is massive BDE (big dog energy).


Possibly the most beautiful boy you will ever see. Iggy likes to choose an appropriate suitor at the beginning of each walk and follow them for the next hour, giving them the impression that they are special just to move on to a new interest on the next walk. Classic.


The smallest and fluffiest pooch. Murphy is an angel but will stick up for himself when it comes to it, which can only be respected. We should all be a bit more like Murphy.


Frankie is a pretty grown-up boy at 9 years old but has the manic energy of a puppy. After all you are only as old as you feel.


A majestic creature, always seen wearing a stylish coat. The undeniable fashion icon of DogSoc.


Um, the EYEBROWS. That is all.

I don’t mean to alarm you after that overload of cuteness, but these aren’t even all of the dogs. These cuties can be found on Monday walks, but there are even more woofers to be found on Wednesdays and Fridays.

And if this all wasn’t wholesome enough, DogSoc are hosting Bark for Sussex THIS Sunday, all proceeds are going to incredible doggy charities and you can buy your tickets here.