Car ‘drives at protestors’ during University of Sussex strike demonstration

As protestors blockaded car parks at a campus at university, protesters say a car accelerated towards them

At the University of Sussex this morning some protesters formed a blockade at the entrance to numerous car parks in support of the continuing strikes over working conditions, pensions and pay for workers.

It’s been reported by protestors that several cars had driven towards a group of five students and as an act of “aggression” as they “continued to accelerate” when approaching the protestors.

A student, who was part of the 25 protestors at the Falmer Campus of the University of Sussex said “We were blockading the entrance to a car park, looking to put pressure on the University”.

“It was a disruptive, peaceful protest and we made sure to let anyone through who had accessibility issues”

“There was contact made between us and the cars” they commented.

The drivers told protestors “We have a right to do this because you are stopping us from making a profit”. Campus security were called shortly after and told them “what they were doing was illegal”.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said at 8.30am they were called to reports of a small number of people protesting.

He stated “Officers attended to ensure and facilitate a peaceful protest. No offences were reported.”

There was further student action at the University of Brighton’s City campus in Grand Parade where students were seen to have barricaded themselves inside the building shortly after midday, a witness has said.

Several posters and signs in support of the strike have been placed outside the front of the building.

The UCU strikes are ongoing across 74 institutions, have started on February 20th and continue until March 13th.