A new case of coronavirus announced by The University of Sussex

Someone associated with the university has tested positive for coronavirus

This afternoon, The University of Sussex Internal Communications department emailed students with an update on Coronavirus.

In their email, it was made clear that “Public Health England (PHE) has informed the University that an individual associated with Sussex has tested positive for the virus, following travel overseas.

“However, as they have not visited Brighton or our campus since travelling, PHE has confirmed there is no need for any special measures and that campus activities should continue as normal.  There has been no confirmed case of Coronavirus on our campus”

In the email, the University provided a list of what students should and should not being doing:

“The University will always be proactive and transparent in ensuring that all students are made aware of any Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments on our campus.  Currently, we have no cases of the virus on campus, and the University remains open as usual.”

The University have understood that this is a stressful time for some students, therefore The Student Life Centre is open and available for anyone to talk.

Students have been assured that the University have very comprehensive plans in place.

Picture courtesy of SWNS