A man has been held at knifepoint over an electric scooter

No one was injured but the scooter has not been recovered

A security guard was held at knife point last night on Elm Grove after a thief stole his electric scooter.

The incident happened at around 8pm whilst the victim was riding his scooter along Islingword Road. The thief forcefully pulled the man off the scooter and, holding a knife, demanded the man hand the scooter over, saying “Give me your scooter son”. He then rode it away.

The man’s mother has released a statement saying “he’s shaken up, but he says he’s alright … it wasn’t cheap – it cost £600. They’ll probably try to sell it on. But I’ve got the charger, so they won’t be going anywhere soon”.

The attacker was white, thin and tall and has been reported as wearing a blue puffa jacket, blue baseball cap and light blue jeans.