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We asked Sussex students what they’re giving up for Lent

“Doing TikTok dances as a coping mechanism”

The season is upon us: we’ve stormed through Christmas and New Year, we battled Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) in all it’s chocolate-coated glory, and maybe a few of us are starting to regret the stress-eating that came with January exams.

Cue Lent, where we have the opportunity to cut back on the indulgence for six weeks, whether that is to show a commitment to the Christian faith, or simply to challenge oneself.

We took to Instagram to find out what Sussex students plan to give up for Lent, here is what you said:

Carbs and cake were a popular choice:

“I’m gonna try give up cake. I love cake. It’s gonna be hard.”

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“UberEats lol”

Delete the app and throw your phone away. It’s the only way.


No more post-Pryzm cheesy chips.

“I gave up chocolate three years ago and it was the worst mistake ever because two of my families’ birthdays fell in Lent and we always have a Colin the Caterpillar cake. So I won’t be doing that again.”

You tried. Colin won.

Of course, it’s not all about the food. Some were looking for a healthier lifestyle


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You have until pancake day to drink it all.


“I might go dry for a bit … I don’t like drinking anymore”

Heavy night out was it?


Healthier lungs in 2020!

And some were clearly done with the dating scene…



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Like the Virgin Mary herself.

Many students were preparing for the strikes…

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“uni, because of the strikes”

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And some of us clearly just need a break

“paying rent”

You might want to chat to your landlord about this one.

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Never give up. Long live TikTok.

So there we have it. Whether your Lenten sacrifice be big or small, if it’s to honour the sacrifice of Mr Christ or simply to better oneself, we wish you the best of luck.