SMuTs present the hit musical ‘Chicago’

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this amazing show produced and performed entirely by Sussex students!

The Sussex Musical Theatre Society (SMuTS) will be putting on their performance of the hit Broadway musical Chicago running 5 performances from Wednesday 26th February until Saturday 29th.

‘Chicago’ is a story that follows the tales of two leading ladies who find themselves in prison for committing murder. Velma Kelly, played by 3rd year student Mia Gourlay, is an old jazz star who is struggling to replace her deceased sister’s place in their double act and Roxie Hart, played by masters student Georgia Brown, is an aspiring star who is enjoying her new found fame following her crime. Both ladies are dealing with the reality that the press are quick to forget about them whenever a new murder takes place and are striving to find way to stay in the spotlight.

I attended the SMuTs’ final rehearsal for the show on Sunday and i must say that the level of professionalism and talent in this cast is incredible. All of the members were giving 100% effort in every song, regardless of the importance of their role. The dances, choreographed by Alicia Sharp, were by no means easy to do however the cast has some incredibly skilled dancers who were able to execute the routines perfectly. It was hard at times to remember that these performers are amateurs not professionals. I myself was part of SMuTs during my first year and it is clear that the society has grown a lot even since that time. The organisation by the society’s Production Team and Committee can be seen even in the rehearsals, with every decision being made with great consideration.

I spoke to both the leading ladies and asked them some questions about the show. Georgia explained how the best part of the experience has been working with incredibly talented people and that it really had made her university experience fun, while Mia echoed the praise for the cast and new people she has met. I asked them if they had any tips for any newcomers who might want to audition for the next show. They both said to just be yourself, to not be intimated of the PT, everyone are just students and they’re all lovely.

Chicago will be running every night from Wednesday until Saturday night, with an extra matinee show on Saturday.

You can purchase tickets for the show here.

Photos courtesy of SMUTs