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What it’s really like to be a member of the biggest society at Sussex



Sussex Snow is Sussex Universities biggest society, and is known to many as its craziest. Being a member of Sussex Snow not only enables you to go on two massive ski trips each year, but also attend regular ‘wild’ socials with hundreds of other members. What this really means is being a member of Sussex Snow will ensure University is the craziest (and potentially most liver damaging) time of your life.

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In Andorra alcohol is tax free, it costs 4 euros for 70cl of Smirnoff

You don’t have to be a regular on the slopes to join

Whether you have been doing snow sports since you could walk or have no idea how to clip into skis or strap into a snowboard, Sussex Snow facilitates all levels of skiers and boarders (I had never ski’d before I joined and was welcomed with open arms!).

They do actually do snow sports

Whilst Sussex snow are known for their untamed socials, they do actually do some snow sports. When I joined the club, I was a complete beginner with no past experience, but with a few dry slope lessons organised by the club and some beginner sessions on the ski trips I was able to pick up the skill very quickly.

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This year is the 20th anniversary of Sussex Snow

They keep the costs to a minimum

This years Andorra trip has a base price of at £459 which includes; return travel, 6 nights accommodation, 6 day lift pass, 6 après events and nights out, merch and those all important deals and discounts at bars. All of this really does make Sussex Ski trips one of the cheapest for students.

Granny or gimp?

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Brexit might mean brexit, but the ski trips go on!

Nights out on the ski trips all involve the maddest fancy dress themes (which makes any chance of pulling a REALLY hard task). Examples of themes from the two ski trips I have attended include: ABC (Anything But Clothes), Pas De La Nasa, 90s rave, gap yah, slutty santas and last but certainly not least gimps and grannies.

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Mean girls 3?

Along with themed nights there is the option to join in with GoMad challenges. This involves being randomly assigned a partner on the ski trip, who is revealed to you at the end of the trip, who you then must anonymously provide with outrageous challenges throughout the week.

Challenges in the past have included kissing a chair lift operator, swapping clothes with someone in the middle of the club, dirty pints, getting naked in public and attempting to pull every committee member.

Whether you’re looking to get the most trashed you can, or you’re secretly looking to find your husband through a ski trip ‘snowmance’, the memories from trips are sure to last a lifetime.

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Our president demonstrating how a long arm pint is done by a pro

The socials are open to EVERYONE

Whether you want to attend ski trips or not, Sussex Snow socials are open to everyone. From outrageous bar crawls to trampoline park socials, the club offers a range of activities for all, with huge discounts on entries to the best student nights in Brighton and most importantly, numerous alcoholic beverage deals.

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Sussex Snow guided 450 students along the last bar crawl

Aside from the serious damage I have done to my liver (and dignity) since becoming a member of Sussex Snow, I have made so many new friends and met such a huge amount of new people.

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Whether you struggled to find friends in halls or have just decided to expand your friendship circles, attending a Sussex Snow event is such a great way to meet new people.

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Sussex snow continue to get very “Chrismashed” each year

Don’t not be afraid to approach new/old members or come along to socials, even if it is your first. We don’t bite, but we may hand you a Jäger bomb (or two!).

For more information on Sussex Snow visit their Facebook page.

To come along to Sussex Snow’s infamous bar crawl, check the event page and head to Library Square to buy a t-shirt (your ticket).