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We asked Sussex students whether they think it’s okay to cross the picket line

‘Crossing doesn’t mean that we aren’t in support of the union’s movement’

Yesterday, The Sussex Tab went onto campus and spoke to students who were willing to share their opinion about the industrial action starting today.

Since the 14 day strike period has an impact on the student body, naturally we wanted to hear from you about whether you will be crossing the picket line or not.

Without further ado, here is what you had to say:

Hollie, First year

"As a student, I believe it is okay to cross a picket line, especially for people who live on campus and don’t have a choice to get to their accommodation. I think you can still stand in solidarity with the lecturers regardless of crossing a picket line."

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Ash, Masters

To put it simply, Ash told us: "It kind of ruins the whole reason for them striking if you cross it."

Olie, First year

"It varies from person to person, we have to highlight that it's not possible for everyone not to. We cannot shame people for crossing it, we do not know their reasoning, we must educate individuals first. Then they can determine if they feel as though their mental health is more important than the strikes. You can't drive change without putting your mental health first."

Hope, First year

When we asked Hope if she'd be crossing the picket line she said: “Yeah, because I know for one of the modules I’m doing the teacher isn’t striking and it’s a really important elective, and I think it’s really important we have all our sessions, because it’s not just us being affected, it’s someone else as well. So i’m going to have to cross it to come in for those workshops."

Louis, First year

“No, just don’t do it”

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Cecilia, Third year

"It’s not so black and white here. In reality, there’s a difference between practical and ideal choices. In terms of practicality, I have an exam during strikes and the professor has said it’s going to happen even though she’s striking.

"Also, have many friends who live on campus and quite literally have to cross in order to sleep at night. But just because we are physically crossing doesn’t mean that we aren’t in support of the union’s movement."

Ethan, First year

Ethan said: "Yeah, it is okay to cross as we are paying for our degree and deserve to get our lectures."

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Fenn, First year

"Yeah, I think that if you've got somewhere you need to be then crossing a picket line is sometimes necessary, even if you agree with the cause of strikes. Sometimes students have no choice, especially if they've still got lectures running."

Frances, Second year

"I think if you have deadlines, then yes."

Gaby, First year

"It depends what it's for. I think if students are coming on campus for extra curricular events and things that aren't involved with their tutors, that is fine.

"But you shouldn't if you're going to come to lectures, it's difficult. People should do what they feel is right for them, but I don't think it's necessarily the best thing."

Sully, Third year

"I think so if you really do need to go to uni."

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