‘Imagine the TikTok socials’: A group of Sussex students have set up a TikTok society

The ‘for you page’ is a world of mystery, humour and piss taking

A group of students from The University of Sussex have set up a TikTok society, with over 150 people singing up for membership in under two weeks.

The society plans to host TikTok competitions, TikTok themed socials, to make group TikToks and also repost member’s TikTok’s onto their own page.

They have also come up with TikTok games and challenges to do during the weekly meetings which start on the 26th of February.

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The idea took off when one student anonymously posted the ultimate question on SussFessions: “Would anyone be interested in a TikTok society? Me and my friends are trying to get famous.”

The feedback was sensational, with over 120 likes and 189 comments, it was clear what the people wanted.

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By early February it was submitted to SussFessions that they were waiting on approval from the Student’s Union.

It is fair to say that TikTok has become a global phenomenon, it provides the best content and provides a great amount of satisfaction in one minute or less.

The Sussex Tab exclusively interviewed one of the four founding fathers of the Sussex TikTok society, Katrina Phillimore, who is also the Finance Representative.

Katrina said: “Anyone who has TikTok downloads it as a joke and then gets addicted. This is what happened to me and my friends.

“When we started making videos, people recognised the uni accommodation so we thought it would be a good idea to bring TikTok users at Sussex together.”

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The face of TikTok Sussex

Since the society has only just begun, Katrina also told The Tab that “we are open to suggestions” for what happens in weekly meetings and socials.

The society have created their own TikTok account, @sussextiktoksociety. This is where they will post the group videos and also repost any content from whoever wins the weekly competitions.

Katrina then said: “We are hoping this will become well known across the campus and have the same level of following such as other popular sites such as SussFessions.

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Say it louder for the people in the back

“We have around 150 members on our facebook page which is growing by the day and we have had 20 people buy our free membership on the student union website. We are hoping for a good turnout at our first meeting.”

But what do the students think?

One passionate second year student said: “Since TikTok has become a part of my daily life and routine, I think it is great Sussex now have their own society. Imagine the TikTok socials, this all just shows how forward thinking Sussex is.”

While a less approving student took to SussFessions and aired their discontent:

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‘depression cry’ hits different

A student in their third year simply said: “It’s madness.”

Another third year student told us: “It’s been cool watching on Facebook seeing the society from its conception to where it is now, a fully formed society. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to to produce.”

Well, we guess all that is left to do now is renegade.

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