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We asked other Universities what they REALLY think of Sussex Uni students

“Arty and edgy”

Everyone pretends they don't care, but deep down we really care what people think. Everyone loves an honest opinion so we asked what Universities up and down (mainly just up, as it doesn't get much more south that Sussex) what they really think of Sussex University. Agree or disagree hear's what they think.

Starting of just along the South Coast with Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth

"Hipster, edgy, friendly I reckon, getting high a lot"

Fashion in Brighton is one of a kind, think coloured hair, tote bags, vintage tops and funky trousers, that's edgy right?

"Quite posh 'not like the other girls' kinda girls"

Despite no one admitting it 12.1% of Sussex students are from private schools, and we all know at least one posh kid in denial.

Moving onto the capital city, what do Londoner's think us?

University of West London

"I reckon it's really inclusive"

Brighton is known as being liberal and as a bonus fun fact, Sussex was the first University to have a Drag society.

Royal Holloway, London

"A lot of hippies, sorta like the California of England"

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Basically like a beach in California

Outside of London, what does Essex think?

University of Essex

'It's bare quiet'

Alright, pipe down, go to Pryzm on a Wednesday night and see how quiet it is then.

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University of Reading

"Wait where is it?"

Falmer is basically Brighton, right?

"Well I always associate Brighton with being quite creative and expressive so I'd say I see Sussex as a Uni which has creative, arty students"

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So arty

Brighton does have the BEST street art, perfect for your Insta aesthetic.

Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge

"I only know that you go there"

This is a quote from my mate that still hasn't visited!

"Not really in Brighton though, is it?"

Brighton is only a 9 minute train away, or 25 minutes on a good day on the 25x.

Working our way up north, what do Nottingham think.

University of Nottingham

'trendy and liberal'

We sure are thanks Notts. Brighton is home to the UK's biggest pride festival and was one of the few constituency's to keep the Tories out.

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Finishing off with Wales.

University of Cardiff

'Think I see you guys through the people that I know who represent it….a nice uni, good people, probs not so hot on sport but a decent uni in everything else’

Being minutes from the Amex stadium, we don't need good sport when we can just support Brighton and Hove F.C.

Forget the league tables this is what we all wanted to know, Sussex's reputation.

Liberal, arty, edgy and full of good people, what more could we want?