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The perfect guide to an all-nighter at The University of Sussex

We’ve all done it…

It's 24 hours before a deadline and you're probably feeling regretful for your acts of procrastination. Whether it was because of too many nights out (Pryzm withdrawal is real), weeks of binge-watching crime documentaries on Netflix or your other work has taken priority – The Sussex Tab have got you covered. With this guide, you'll be able to 'turnitin' in no time!

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That 5am feeling…


The environment you work in is key. It may be tempting to get your assignment done in the comfort of your own bed, but your room is going to be filled with distractions and temptations (no, it’s not acceptable to binge watch 'You' on Netflix for the eighth time right now). If you do wish to stay home to stress eat and raid your kitchen, try working at your desk with a strong light source to keep you awake, as your bedroom is going to encourage sleepiness.

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keep me awake pls

We recommend the Sussex Library as it’s the perfect place to cram in your last-minute work at night. There is a large silent study area upstairs which is perfect if you need to avoid the usual drum and bass music blasting outside your room until 5am. It’s fairly empty, except for a few students who are in exactly the same position as you – useful if you need that awkward “I feel you bro” moment with a fellow procrastinator to help get you through the night.

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work hard, play hard


You need energy boosting snacks and drinks to keep you awake and help push you through the night to come. Energy drinks and coffees are going to be your personal saviors, the voices telling you to just DO it. But don’t just guzzle it all down at once- remember to keep hydrated with water too or you’ll probably regret it in the morning…

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The library café provides all sorts of snacks such as power bars, crisps, smoothies (how boujie) and even vegan sausage rolls! It’s open until 8pm so stock up and get to work.

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delicious and nutritious xxx

Time management

Planning your time may seem silly as you only have one evening to finish but planning by the hour will keep you focused on the task ahead. It can be extremely stressful having a huge piece of work to do in such little time but planning ahead will help prevent those panic moments where you question your own sanity at 3am – don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

If it’s for an essay, planning 300/400 words an hour is useful and will give you a sense of accomplishment once each hour has passed. If its for an exam, break down each topic into short sections that you would like to cover in an hour or two and tick them off once you’ve finished. Remember to give yourself short breaks too so you don’t get overwhelmed. Here is an example timetable to help you out:

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Good luck, you’ve got this!