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Sussex students demand refund for classes missed during strikes

‘It is simply not fair that we are losing nearly six out of 20 weeks of classes’

The University and College Union has called for a second round of industrial action to run for 14 days starting next week.

Students gathered around the Meeting House on campus today to demand classes or a refund of their tuition fees.

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'Students support staff' sign

Being the second strike of the academic year, students are unimpressed with the £100 limit ex gratia money. Staff will not be contactable for the duration of the strike, causing disruption for those with tests and assignments due in March.

The protest's event page on Facebook, passionately sums up the motivation behind this demonstration.

The page stated some frustrations of the students: "It is simply not fair that we are losing nearly six out of 20 weeks of classes."

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During todays protest, the students present sung "Solidarity forever but the union makes us strong."

The Facebook events page also stated: "The precarious working conditions experienced by professors and staff across UK higher education, are unacceptable. We fully support their right to strike and fight for a better working and learning environment for staff and students. We stand with them and will not allow university management to create tension between us."

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