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Sussex have warned students against racism in the wake of coronavirus

Campus coronavirus fears have sparked racist reports

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The University of Sussex has released a statement concerning the increase in racism on campus amidst rising coronavirus fears, since a first year student was tested for the virus two days ago.

The statement said: “The Students' Union has been made aware of students experiencing racism, hate crime and discrimination both on campus and in town, in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak in Brighton.

“We find this deeply concerning and want our students to know that this behaviour is inexcusable.”

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The Student's Union has been made aware of racism on campus

“We want to reiterate that we have a zero tolerance policy on racism. This is not conducive to a diverse and inclusive Sussex and we believe in the strength of being a community. We want our students to feel safe and supported while at university.”

This also comes after a Brighton resident was diagnosed with coronavirus, and a Brighton GP surgery was made to close due to a member of staff contracting the virus.

People, including students and staff at the university, have taken to Twitter to express their concerns and express their support of their fellow students.

One student witnessed an incident on a busy uni bus this morning, where people were avoiding sitting next to Asian students, and the students looked visibly uncomfortable.

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University of Sussex professor Gurminder Bhambra also replied to the University's statement, encouraging students to report incidents of racism.

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Many people are keen to learn what the result of the suspected Coronavirus case on campus is, and what will the University do if the test comes back positive.

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Sussex University has not yet confirmed the case, nor have they stated what would happen if the test comes back positive.

The University has set up a reporting tool that staff and students can use to make the university aware of any racism incidents.