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How to survive Valentine’s day single

All the single ladies, now put ya hands up!

Ugh, that time of year again and you’re singular. Not to worry, this guide will help you to get through V-day.

All that delicious Valentine’s chocolate

Who needs a real life boyfriend when you can buy a chocolate one and eat him?

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Mmm…delicious boyfriend

Take to twitter

Twitter is a goldmine around Valentine’s Day as all the singles put out their funniest thoughts and critics of the dreaded holiday.

Someone else's dating disasters and loneliness on Valentine's day will make your day much brighter.

Have a Galantine’s day

Arguably better than regular Valentine’s as you can just get dressed up and have a night on the town with your besties.

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"My neck, my back…"

Find a designated spooning buddy

If you can’t find a friend to hold you, stuff a hoodie arm with rolled up t-shirts.

They are comfy, soft and if they annoy you then you can just shove it into the wardrobe.

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This stuffed hoodie feels exactly how I imagine Ryan Gosling feels like

Watch trashy rom-coms and chick flicks

On a second note, if you are bitter about being single this Valentine’s and find fairy-tale romances upsetting to watch, a good serial killer documentary will put you off relationships for a while.

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I'm lonely but like, not that lonely

Have a self care day

I’m talking face masks, pizza, movies, the lot! Treat. Yo. Self.

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A bottle of wine to yourself is a must

Don't fret

At the end of the day, what’s more important is to love yourself and have a laugh with your mates. Fries before guys, right?

Review some Marxist ideologies

Also it may comforting to remember that Valentine’s Day has become so engulfed in consumerist culture that really it means nothing and a teddy bear holding heart-shaped balloons isn’t going to change that.

Happy Valentine’s, lovebird.

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