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A guide to the perfect galentine’s night in

Who needs a date when you got your girls and pizza

First things first, round up all your favourite girls

This is slightly more difficult than it sounds when all your timetables clash and everyone is involved in a different society or social event.

Top tip, plan ahead and book it in the diary early, if you're single what better way to spend your valentines away from all the busy restaurants and PDA.

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Food and bevs

Arguably the most important part, forget your red roses and expensive set menu's, we all know a take away is where it's at.

We opted for Franco Manca, the pizza is great and the staff are super friendly! They deliver through Just eat or you can click and collect from store.

For those on a budget, Aldi do a great selection of pizza for as cheap as 85p, which goes down great with a a £3.99 bottle of vino. What more do you need?

Classic chick flick

No galentines slumber party is complete without the cheesy one liners that a rom com provides. Whether you're a superfan or just tune in to gaze at Hugh Grant, we all love a cheeky chick flick every once and a while. Netflix and Amazon prime are filled with the classics from clueless to house bunny to chalet girl so fill your boots.

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they are so adorable

Get that post face mask glow

Finish off your evening with a cheeky face mask, we're not sure if these actually work but they look boujee and make you feel like you have your life together so we fully recommend. If you wanna take it one step further, slice some cucumber and put on some spa style tunes and fully zen out.

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cucumber is optional

Additional extra's

Poundland have a great selection of cute decorations to fill your house with good vibes and create a stunning aesthetic that everyone will be jealous of.

Is there any occasion where candles aren't appropriate? We think not.

You want to provide the comfiest and most cozy atmosphere possible for your friends so drag out those beanbags, round up the blankets from all your flatmates rooms and find those slippers your nan got you for christmas that have been hiding in the back of the cupboard.

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Happy galentines, stay boujee.