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How to spend Valentine’s with just me, myself and I

And how not to be jealous of your loved up friends

With the holidays of December long gone and Dry January finally behind us, our minds turn to February's festivities: Valentine's Day.

For some, an excellent opportunity to celebrate the prize of their cuffing season or an excuse to treat your beloved significant other. However, for those of us without an other half this V Day, read on to plan the perfect date for the most important person in your life, yourself.

The meal

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I only have fries for you

Usually the staple of any good date, a restaurant meal can be tough to pick when you have to cater for two foodie's tastes. But on your own, its as easy as pie to find a place that tickles your fancy – we recommend an all you can eat buffet. With no-one to watch and judge, feel free to pile your plate high, go back for seconds and order yourself a fancy wine or dessert.

If £30 for a meal for two is reasonable then £30 for a meal for one is too – cocktails are definitely on the cards.

The activity

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a treemendous view

Save yourself the discomfort of going to the cinema or the beach and being surrounded by canoodling couples. Instead, clear you mind and head to your largest expanse of greenery. Here you can wander the fields during golden hour and ponder your thoughts with your only company being the tweeting birds and the odd squirrel that looks at you curiously, thinking "wow, I wish I was more like that independent and self-prioritising human".

The afterparty

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That's the spirit

With the best date of your life drawing to a close, there's no better way to end the night than to pour yourself a large ol' glass of any alcohol of your choice and drink the night away. With your coupled-up mates out for the night or celebrating behind closed doors, you can turn your speakers on full and dance to whatever cringey chart pop you're usually too embarrassed to play in front of the group.

We recommend finding some karaoke hits on YouTube, grabbing that hairbrush microphone and drowning out the squeaks of your flatmates' beds with your angelic singing voice.


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Reasons to love Valentine's Day bedtime when you're on your own:

1. There's much more space in the bed, you can starfish with ease with no-one else to hog the duvet

2. No need for sexy and uncomfortable underwear, t-shirt and trackies will be perfectly adequate

3. You don't have to worry about your morning state – bed hair, morning breath and smudged make-up is all acceptable when the only person to see them is YOU

In the words of Tallulah from Bugsy Malone, you don't have to be lonely.