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The pros and cons you will experience going to the University of Sussex when you’re already from Brighton.

Native or not, we love you forever Brighton!


When it comes to deciding which Uni to go to, choosing Sussex and moving to Brighton is a brand new city and lifestyle, but for people who have spent their whole lives in and around Brighton, what is it like? Staying close to home has its upsides and downsides.

Deciding to move out or not

For most of the Sussex students who are from Brighton or close by, the big deal about moving out and away from home is dampened. Is the move half an hour down the road worth the extortionate rent or not?

It is obvious that moving out is extremely exciting for those who have come far. But, for those that live close, it is a frustrating choice of getting the full uni experience or saving money and getting the train in.

The night life scene

Not living at uni and getting involved during Freshers makes life hard, you're limited to going out and still have to find a way to trek home that isn't the N25.

The hype of going wild every day for two weeks is a simple no. We have already experienced Pryzm mid week and Coalition on a Friday, the novelty has worn off.

Getting back home is effort, having to stay in the club until closing or in burger in until 5am waiting for the first train back home. However, you can find is in Mash Tun or Deadwax vibing to Frank Ocean on the weekend.

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Get mashy at Mash!

The infamous Brighton beach

Brighton is popular for its beach, and it is safe to say it's one of the reasons why people come to study here. Especially if they're coming from a city and the beach is something different.

But, if you have spent your entire life in Brighton, the beach lacks excitement sometimes.

Despite the seagulls, nothing compares to the beautiful sunsets over Brighton beach, watching the sky turn all vibrant colours and creating that aesthetic ambiance the city is known for, especially with a few ciders on a summer evening.

Also the pier is a great night out if clubbing isn't your thing, £14 for an unlimited ride pass!

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Golden hour.

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Dreamy sunsets

The master of the lanes

Knowing your way around the lanes is what everyone aspires to do, you know the shortcuts to avoid the busy areas and it's always impressive to your new friends.

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North or South lanes?

Home is where the heart is

If you decide not to move into halls, the pros and cons of living at home battle each other. On one hand, it's great being able to see your family and friends everyday and not be homesick.

But, on the other hand, you do miss out on the full uni experience of halls and living with strangers. It is not as easy to socialise when you don't live with new people. Not to mention the dread of having a 9am or trying to get home during rush hours, which can lead to missing out on social events.

Although, all of this can be completely irrelevant if you have a cutie pie dog who makes it all worth it.

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As every parent says, its worth it.