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How to do Valentine’s Day on a student budget

If you haven’t got a partner then skip this one

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and by a Christmas miracle you are actually boo’d up and ready for some lovin’. But you’re also a student and desperately skint. Not to worry, this guide will have you ever so slightly dipping into your overdraft, which is better than plunging!

Show appreciation through gift giving

First thing’s first, you must shower them with gifts to show your affection. Let’s start with the basics, a valentine’s card.

Card Factory will sort you out with romantic and cheesy cards from 99p. Writing from the heart is for free so get scribing you natural born poet.

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"I'd lick you even though you aren't ice cream"

Flowers are key

Red roses to be precise as you really want to capture the spirit of St Valentine and bring it to your lover in a bouquet. That’s why I went for a plastic rose bouquet from Poundland as a means of expressing my undying love.

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"For me? You shouldn't have!"

The best and most important part of Valentine’s day is of course, chocolate. Treat your lover with this delicious hunk of a chocolate bar from Flying Tiger. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more traditional and perhaps less risqué gift of chocolate, the classic Cadbury’s Milk Tray would also make a fine treat for your love. Plus, there’s two trays within the box so you can nab one of them.

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Lucky girl

Win their heart and soul via cooking food

After showing your love through these thoughtful and cost effective gifts, it is time, of course, for a romantic home-cooked dinner in. Aldi has got you sorted. The menu is as follows.

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Any meal is a three course when you write it in the form of a menu

Decorations make the heart grow fonder

Ensure you set the romantic scene with some cute love heart bunting, courtesy of Poundland, some tealight candles (if your accommodation will allow it) also from Poundland, and a steamy Valentine’s playlist off Spotify (£4.99 a month on student discount).

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Just exquisite

All these steps will give you and your boo the perfect Valentine’s night in for a total of £23.59.

Happy Valentine’s lovebirds.