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A foolproof guide to finding the best student house in Brighton

Time to act like an adult.

Living in Brighton as a student is a blessing and a curse. Living here will basically cost you your soul, but on the plus side, wherever you decide to stay, you can be sure your nearest local pub will be within a ten-minute walk away.

Whether you’re keen on being in a central location or would rather save a few pounds a month, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best student house according to your priorities.

At the beginning of your search, try narrowing things down a little by setting a budget and deciding in what area you want to live in. Different areas offer different pros and cons. We’ve done the hard part for you and listed a few below.

Moulsecoombe and Coldean

Venturing out further from central Brighton, you can get much more space for your money. You’ll probably even get a driveway if you’ll look hard enough. And let’s not even mention free on-road parking which is something one can’t even fathom further south in the city.

If you’re not too fussed about having to take the bus to get anywhere and the idea of being closer to uni tickles your pickle, then save yourself a few bucks and search for a house in these faraway lands.

Roundhill, Elm Grove and Hanover

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These seem to be some of the most sought-after areas for students in Brighton. The three areas cover popular student hubs such as London Road and Lewes Road, so it’s to see why many students flock to these neighbourhoods.

There are pubs at every corner and a bunch of close supermarkets to pick from.

If you don’t mind spending a little more on your rent and being walking distance or a short bus ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, then you should consider focusing your search in these parts of the city.

Central Brighton/Kemptown

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Who even needs a nightlight…

Often overlooked as a resident area, Kemptown and central Brighton are great areas to live in if you want everything to be at your fingertips. Shops, restaurants, pubs, great transport links… but it all comes with a price tag. And a very expensive one at that.

Here, having a sea view isn’t uncommon. But neither is living above a pub, corner shop, or club.

Is the three-minute walk to Patterns worth it? Or will the inevitably loud roads and drunk people stumbling outside your house every night be a no-go? Time to get your thinking cap on.

Don’t rush things

It’s okay if it’s February and you still haven’t found a house. Don’t forget that estate agents don’t always post all their houses at once, but rather in waves. Your perfect student house might just not be posted yet.

But then don't take too long

With that being said, if you’ve found a house that fits your needs, don’t hang around waiting to see if anything better gets posted. All the good student houses will get snapped up quicker than a good seat in the library.

And finally, compromise

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No one wants to hear it, but someone in your house will get stuck with the box room. There is no way around it.