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University of Sussex students face travel restrictions going to and from China

University vice-chancellor is “concerned” and wants to make sure Sussex students are “OK”

Since the news broke about the Coronavirus reaching the UK, students have been receiving emails from University administrations in an attempt to ease growing concerns about the virus.

Students at the University of Sussex have received an email from Vice-Chancellor, Adam Tickell, stating he was "in touch" with some of the students who were facing travel restrictions on returning to Sussex.

In his email, Tickell said: "We are concerned at making sure they [students restricted from travelling] are OK. It is especially important that we all show kindness and compassion to our students who are from China, who will be finding this a difficult start to the year."

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Students currently in China have been advised on what precautions they need to take upon returning to Britain during the outbreak.

The email responds to growing concerns from students and fears the UK government is not addressing the crisis. Tickell assured students: "We currently have no cause for concern on campus and everything is running as normal".

A University of Sussex spokesperson commented, "Public Health England has provided advice for anyone who has returned from Wuhan in the past 14 days."

The university has insisted that any staff members who have organised trips to China between now and the end of February "must cancel them" as advised by the government.

Since Adam Tickell's email was sent to students, the university library has put up posters providing students with information about the virus.

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