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Off-peak trains from Brighton to London Victoria have been scrapped

Travellers will see a big price increase in train tickets

Southern Rail have decided to cancel Brighton to London services until 2024, save for one peak time train per day.The Gatwick express to London Victoria or Thames Link to London Bridge will be the only available routes and will also experience reduced trains.

On, an off-peak Southern service will cost £19.80, whereas a Gatwick Express train on the route will cost £28.30.

Passengers wanting to get directly to London Victoria will have to pay a significant more amount by using the Gatwick express.

People wanting off-peak trains will have to get off at Haywards Heath and wait for a train going to London Victoria.

Brighton and Kemptown MP, Lloyd Russel-Moyle, took to twitter and said, "This change will also mean almost no direct trains from Brighton to Clapham Junction which is a key interchange for south London destinations."

The Labour MP all added that he has requested to meet chief executive of the service to discuss public concerns.

A report said: "Off-peak passengers from Brighton to London will need to either use direct Gatwick Express or Thameslink services or change at stations such as East Croydon, Haywards Heath or Preston Park."

Public response has been one sided

As many students living in Brighton rely on these trains to get to and from home, the removal of off-peak trains are going to cause major issues. Not to mention the price increase as well, we advise you start planning ahead and research a nice scenic walk back to your home for Easter.

One student responded with: "This is such a joke, if anything they need to reduce the prices and costs of travelling by train. My journey is going to be longer and more expensive now, special measures should be put in place for us."

Another student simply said: "Four weeks of strikes coming up and now I have to pay excessive amounts to get home during that period. I love uni."

Responses to Lloyd Russel-Moyle's tweet from angry Sussex residents included:

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These travel changes are set to start in May this year, so at least you have Easter left on a standard train ticket price.