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“Brighton, let’s get Toasted!” A new weekly night club event is coming to Revolution this Thursday

Butter up your boss for a day off

Recently on Facebook, a new weekly event has been teased and left students wondering what it is. Well, wait no longer because Toast is here and we are so 'bready' for it.

It's time to stay up past your bread-time and head to Revolution Thursday 6th of February for their launch night.

Prizes are elite and keep getting 'butter' every week

Tickets are being sold for as cheap as £1 with final release tickets costing £3, both including queue jump.

Toast have promised lots of give aways and offers to be won every week. A spokesperson from Toast told The Sussex Tab: "For our launch we are giving away a trip for two to Amsterdam! For Valentines week (February 13th) we are giving away a trip for two to Paris!"

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All you have to do to BIG win a prize is arrive early!

The drinks deals are 'baking' this so much better

We were told that Toast's drinks deals will make you want a 'slice' of the action and drinks will not cost you a lot of 'dough'.

They have a huge selection of £1.50 drinks, including VK's, flavoured vodka and mixers, bombs, and heinekens too.

At the bar you can get six shots for £6 and double premium spirits with a mixer are only £3.50- what a 'bar-grain'.

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You will 'loaf' the music

Upstairs in room one is all about mashups, festival and indie anthems, DnB, House and more. Whereas downstairs in room two is all about hip hop, RnB, Urban and Reggaeton!

Toast said that "From cheese to bassline, we've got you covered. Whether it's the latest 'Bread Sheeran' or some old stuff like 'Bread Hot Chilli Peppers' we will play it for you!"

'Wheat' hope to see you there!

The Facebook event for Toast's launch party can be found here.

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