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Coronavirus warning posters placed around University of Sussex campus

It follows days after the virus arrived in the UK.

Posters have been put up around the University of Sussex campus which offer advice for those who have recently visited Wuhan in China in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Since the first case of the new respiratory illness was recorded, 305 people have died and the virus has been confirmed in over 25 countries. There have been two diagnosed cases in the UK, both Chinese Nationals who are being treated in Newcastle. Despite this, Public Health England has urged Britons not to worry as chances of contracting the virus are extremely low.

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The posters display information in both English and Mandarin warning University visitors about how to look out for the virus. Symptoms include a cough, a fever, and difficulty breathing.

The poster urges those that have visited Wuhan in the past 14 days, to "stay indoors and avoid contact with others" as well as asking recent visitors to "contact NHS 111 for advice".

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