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There’s a petition to fill the Falmer moat at the University of Sussex with rubber ducks

Students felt the moat was lacking something


Recently, the moat running around Falmer quad has been filled up, and there’s been many suggestions have been given to improve it.

Recent suggestions have included paddle boats, waiting until it freezes to have our very own ice rink and filling it up with rubber ducks.

The petition, available here, states the ducks would portray Brighton’s eccentricity.

Taking this idea very seriously, they suggest the ducks could be great for raising money for charity, through donations and sponsorships.

Taking the environment into account, the ducks could be biodegradable, but plastic in the moat shouldn’t break down in micro-plastic.

Student from Sussex and rubber duck petition starter, Lucy Evans, said: “Why rubber ducks? Because they’re fun, they’re affordable, and they are a great representation of the quirkiness of Brighton and our university.

“There is great potential here for charity fundraising- sponsor a duck on the moat in return to a donation to a charity, for example. This gives back to the local community as well as giving us something to smile about.

“People will argue environmental issues- biodegradable ducks are available, however the plastics in the ducks are unlikely to degrade within the moat causing micro-plastics.

“I am so proud to be a Sussex student. Let this be another reason to be proud of our incredible university.”