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Sussex Under the Sheets: Meet the team behind this University of Sussex student-led organisation

“We also want to make Sussex a more sex positive place”

Sussex Under the Sheets is a student-led campaign which promotes equal and inclusive education on sexual and emotional well-being at the University of Sussex.

The Sussex Tab interviewed co-leader Paige Ellie-Lewis, here is what Sussex Under the Sheets had to say:

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What made you decide to form this group at The University of Sussex?

"It started off by discussing safety whilst using online platforms such as tinder and progressed into what it is today. We understand sex and relationships are a huge part of many students university experience. We want to be part of educating students on healthy sex and relationships, as well as breaking down stigma around sexual health. We also want to make Sussex a more sex positive place. "

How has the University responded to this organisation?

"The SU, especially the campaigns team, have been incredibly supportive and provided us with a lot of advice and assistance with our work."

How much student support have you been shown so far?

"We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support and students willing to discuss this issue. We have also received a lot of support from other societies and campaigns which is great. We’ve had a number of volunteers, people attending events and students wanting to share experiences. We also regularly receive messages of support from students from Sussex and the wider community."

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Co-leaders at the Sussex Under the Sheets stall on library square

Where do you intend to take the group? In terms of its future on campus and in Brighton?

"Our main aims right now is to deliver more workshops on consent and healthy relationships to students as well as setting up a survivors drop in on campus. We want to be able to establish bystander intervention training for all society committee members and just continuing opening up conversations around sex and relationships."

Can you explain the trigger posts you've been posting daily onto facebook and instagram?

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A post shared by Under the Sheets (@sussexunderthesheets) on Nov 25, 2019 at 1:56am PST

"As part of 16 of activism against gender based violence we had a 16 day social media campaign we called ‘students against silence’. We gathered Anonymous testimonies from Sussex students and shared them on our social media platforms. Our aim was to bring awareness to the experiences of Sussex students and give them a platform to share."

You can find Sussex Under the Sheets on Facebook and Instagram