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A guide to decorating your University accommodation this Christmas

‘Tis the season to ignore deadlines

The festive season can always seem a little dull and dim, it gets darker earlier and it's toward the end of term. Naturally, people feel like they're running low on energy.

To keep festivities and moods high, here is a guide to decorating your uni house on a student budget.

The 'Small' trees

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She so tiny

Small but mighty, this little Christmas tree is perfect for those of us living in more cramped spaces. Look at how it just comes alive with those festive lights.

The 'Celebrities of the past' tree

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This is the Freddie Mercury tree. Enough said.

Nothing encapsulates the Crimbo spirit more than bringing your housemates together over your shared love of Freddie Mercury. Of course, you could use another celebrities' face, but then you wouldn't be following this guide.

The 'boozey' trees

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Isn't that tinsel gorgeous

The bottle tree, for those of us who have got through a lot of booze this term and are yet to recycle. No need to buy a tree, leaving you more money for more booze. You call it lazy, we call it alternative recycling.

The 'Family home Hollywood movie' tree

Some might say this flat's tree is the creme de la creme of Christmas trees and we wouldn't argue.

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And if you're really into Christmas, you could knock your mate's socks off with a beauty of a tree, big, bushy, decorated with all sorts of ornaments all matching the colour scheme. This lot really went for it.

The 'we can't afford a tree' tree

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We did our best, alright

If a tree is asking too much, a bit of lovely red tinsel will do just fine wrapped around the bannister like so.

The 'crowd pleaser' tree

Some other essentials for a festive home are some fun decorations/novelty items you can whip out at pres.

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The bouncer won't suspect a thing

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He cheers you on as you drink

The 'we think we're better than a tree' tree

The ultimate decorative item, the one that would probably win if this were a competition, has to be personalised elf paper chains. As if you couldn't embarrass your housemates enough when they have guests over.

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Elf and safety