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We tried mince pies from every supermarket in Brighton and found the best ones so you don’t have to

Bet you didn’t know you needed this until now

Everyone knows that Christmas time is a time for celebrating with loved ones, being grateful for the year that has passed, and seeing how much your waistband will stretch after Christmas dinner.

Unless you are an uncultured swine, mince pies are a big part of the Christmas experience. And what better way to experience Christmas in Brighton, than to eat the best supermarket mince pies. Don't worry about finding the best ones however: this list is your guide.

In fifth place, we give you: Co-op bakery

To put it simply, these wouldn't make the cut for a Michelin star restaurant. They're flat, and will fall apart when you bite into one (making cuffing season more difficult than it already is). Plus, for some reason they have an unnecessary amount of literal sugar on the top. Not nice soft icing sugar, but literal grains. If your teeth weren't already sore this season, this is one reliable way of loosing them. Plus. they're a whopping £1.20 for only four! Definitely not top-notch.

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It's basically 2D

Next coming up close to Co-op is placing at fourth: M&S

You'd think that for such a boujie supermarket M&S would have banging mince pies, but you, my friend, are wrong. Admittedly we did buy the puff pastry ones rather than the normal, but only realised this at the till and we weren't about to hold up the queue of angry middle class mums behind us to get to the normal ones.

But still, the pastry to fruit ratio is abysmal, the two raisins in there must get pretty lonely. And all this, for a whopping £2.70. We'll pass, thanks.

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Third place comes from your average supermarket: Tesco

Better than Co-Op and M&S but still not worthy of the crown: Tesco mince pies are filled fine, aren't ridiculously crumbly, but the best part? They are only 87p! This is why they come into the middle ground: while not the best we've ever tasted, we wouldn't say no to another.

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Still deserves a lick x

Getting into the good stuff now: second place goes to Sainsbury's

We're not saying the pastry to fruit ratio is perfect, but there are definitely more than TWO raisins inside *COUGH M&S COUGH*.

With a light dusting of sugar on the top to add that extra sweetness, and being only slightly crumbly, they're not so bad to repulse your cuffing-season prey, so pretty decent for £1.

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Plus, you can almost fit a whole one in your mouth !

Who would have guessed it? First place: Aldi

Aldi, you dark horse.

Despite a wobbly start with the top of the mince pie coming straight off, biting into this was like a little slice of heaven. They are moist, they're deep, and they're only 59p! And that's for six of them! They stay together when you eat them, and did we mention that you can get six for 59p?

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They redeemed themselves despite the start, thank god!

We have a clear winner, people.