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Best places in Brighton for a roast dinner

Because who doesn’t love a classic roast?

This British classic is a Sunday tradition amongst many and a perfect way to unite family or friends on a wintery day. With the temperature dropping quicker than ever and the nights growing darker by the day what better way to warm up than a classic roast dinner because who doesn’t love a classic roast?

Students' Union Bar – Falmer

Anyone who is a Sussex student has most likely been to our beloved student bar. The Sunday menu gives a variety of six different options from a classic roast to a vegan or vegetarian option. Prices are very reasonable at £7.50 – £8.50 and for just £2.50 you can add either a pint or a glass of wine, what more could you want?

Sussex Yeoman

Situated near the North Laines in central Brighton the Yeoman is the place for a classic Sunday roast. The yeoman won ‘Best Sunday Roast’ in Brighton and Hove’s food and drinks awards so don’t just take our word for how good their roasts are!

The Hartington

‘The Harty’ is in the heart of Hanover and is known for the cosy and homely vibes it offers. They have a variety of roast dinners from the classic to veggie and vegan options varying from £10-14. They won the ‘Best Roast’ award in 2019 from Brighton Restaurant awards and offer live jazz music after 6pm – what’s not to love?

The Geese

Highly rated by The Sussex Rangers group, The Geese on Elm Grove is the perfect Sunday Roast pub. Their meals range from £8.95-£12.95 with a selection of meats and veggie options too. Make sure to book thought because it's a very popular destination!

The New Club

The New club, known for its innovative and exciting menu, has a new take on the classic roast labelling it ‘The Last Supper’. Prices range from £12.50 to £15. All their food is homemade and locally produced when possible. This is one for those who want a shabby chic vibe.

The Mesmerist

The Mesmerist is a buzzy, retro pub located in Prince Albert Street Brighton. They offer a variety of different roasts from £12.50 to £15. All roasts dinners are serves with homemade gluten free gravy and are very generous sized portions. Also, a perfect place for a first date.

The West Hill Tavern

The ‘Westie’ is an independent family friendly pub only a two minute walk from Brighton station. The prices vary from £13.50-£15.50. This local pub also provides live music and DJs at the weekend.