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All the things you won’t miss about Uni when you go home for Christmas

Finally a warm bed and clean sheets

It's got to that time of term, where everyone is sick of the rain, impending deadlines, doing their own washing and just generally living in a student house. That's because Christmas is so close (yet so far) and everyone can't wait to get back home for some home comforts and relaxation. Inevitably, the New Year will roll around and you will be buzzing to get back to Brighton, but in the mean time, here are all the things you definitely won't be missing about Uni when you're back home.

Washing up

Sharing a sink with too many people, means it gets piled up high, and starts to get gross. Washing up at home is so much better, and you might even have fairy, rather than ASDA own brand. If you're a lucky enough student to have a dishwasher, then this nightmare doesn't apply to you.

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If you're on campus, you are unfortunately stuck with Circuit laundry, which is painful in itself, and quite the financial burden. Going home means FREE WASHING and if you're really lucky, it might even be folded and ironed for you too.

The food (or lack of)

It's no secret, most students can't cook, are too lazy to cook or just can't afford to cook the food they are craving. This usually results in students cooking horrific meals, and it's no wonder we all want to go home for a nice home cooked meal. Not having to scrape together a half decent spag bol or the endless struggle of an empty fridge means going home feels like real luxury.

Empty and dirty

The lack of pets

Arguably one of the best parts about going home for pet owners is to be reunited with your fury friends. Most Uni accommodations won't even let you have a fish and the thought of unlimited warm hugs from your cats and dogs really does make Christmas all the more special.

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The expense of Brighton

With Brighton being ranked the 6th least affordable city in the UK, it's no wonder we can't wait to go home to finally save some cash. With student loan not even covering some peoples rent, time off Uni allows them to work to save your pennies for the start of next term.

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9am lectures

No more waking up early to catch the 25 bus, packed to the brim with no empty seats in sight. Unless you have a Christmas job, then the grind never stops.

The accommodation

Cold, dirty and mouldy. Living with other people and no one to make you clean up, rooms become a mess, washing up gets left for days on end and who's going to clean the toilet?

Student housing is a nightmare, and we all can't wait to go back, even if it means being told to clean up.

The library

There is an unspoken library etiquette that people just need to learn to follow. People blast out there own music, eat loudly, and it's always so packed it's a real struggle trying to find a seat. The library on Campus is a nightmare, at least we can find a seat in our hometown libraries.

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