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Students host a party outside Sussex House to mark the end of the strikes

‘The university has a lot to answer for’

Brighton and Sussex Uni lecturers have been striking since the 25th of November over issues with pay and pension, causing many lectures and seminars to be cancelled.

Today, students organised a 'Sussex Strike Party' outside Sussex House today to mark the end of the strikes and end the week on a high note.

Supporters are in fancy dress, there's home-cooked hot food and drink as well as music, singing and dancing.

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The Sussex Tab spoke to one student who was disappointed with how the university had dealt with the strikes: "[The university has responded] awfully. Not just with the students who are standing here in solidarity but also just the students in general. The university has uniformly refused to respond to us".

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"They've put all the pressure on Students' Union officers who are overworked and underfunded and relied on them entirely."

When asked what they felt the university could do to improve, they said: "[They could have] given a brochure to students which recognises that they are responsible in some way rather than trying to drive a wedge between strikers and students.

"We've invited Adam Tickell down today, we want to talk to him and build a community on campus between staff and students."

Security are also stationed nearby to watch closely as supporters sing and dance in solidarity.