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A guide to finding the best vegetarian and vegan Christmas sandwiches

Tis’ the season to eat all the sandwiches.

We’re hear to bring festive cheer to the deadline season by giving you the low down on the best festive lunch time sarnies.

Since Christmas is a time of giving, let us give to you a guide to finding the best high street vegetarian and vegan sandwiches.

Last place: Pret Brie Baguette

We all love Pret, from the varied veggie and vegan options available throughout the year to the decency to not charge us for milk alternatives. But we must admit their 'Brie, Pistachio & Cranberry Baguette' is a little on the dry side.

Don't get us wrong, the seeded baguette was nicely chewy with a generous amount of rocket, but we struggled to find the cranberry sauce. We recommend getting a glass of water before you tuck into this.

A solid 6/10

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There really is a lot of rocket

Next up: Starbucks 'Very Merry' wrap

We're breaking the stereotype of your generic sandwich by adding in this little beauty. This is definitely one of the best looking options out there, the colourful filling will brighten up even the darkest of winter days. The Very Merry Vegan Wrap is a delicious alternative to your boring sliced bread sarnie, bare with the slightly scary looking red beetroot wrap, because the soft and crunchy combo of butternut squash fritters and roasted red cabbage is a genius mix.

Our only criticism is the slightly mushy texture of all the fillings together, leaving a slight fear of having bright red teeth, not ideal when it's cuffing season.

A colourful 7/10, not bad but not the best.

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Starbucks really came through this year

Third place: M&S 'Nutcracker'

We all love an M&S lunch, and they have really upped their game in the last 12 months with the vegan Plant Kitchen range. This years headliner boasts of 'Layers of sweet potato, chestnut & cranberry roast, butternut squash, cranberry chutney, pistachios and caramelised pecans with an almond butter vegan mayo dressing.'

Imagine shoving everything festive you could find in the cupboard in two slices of bread, this is definitely one of the best filled sandwiches we came across. Saying that, our only issue is the crumbly texture, there's bound to be some dry-ness when you combine potato, chestnuts and pistachios but It's not ideal when your lunch-on-the-go is falling apart in front of your eyes.

A messy 8/10 for the plant kitchen range.

Our runner up, Boots 'Vegan Christmas Feast'

Who doesn't love stuffing, whether you're vegan or not, this beaut contains red cabbage, fried onions, egg-free mayonnaise and a roast vegetable stuffing. Our fave thing is it's not trying to do everything all at once, it's pretty simple but it definitely has the yuletide vibe we're looking for. With crispy onions and contrasting soft cabbage this really is worth trying in the run up to the big day to satisfy that stuffing craving.

Boots meal deals are underrated and for that, we're giving it a 9/10.

First place: Co-op 'Vegan Festive Feast'

We're not being dramatic when we say this might be the best sandwich we've ever eaten. Like seriously LIFE CHANGING.

We picked this up first to see what everyones love-to-hate shop had to offer and wow we were in for a treat, the heavenly combination of parsnip fritter, cranberry slaw, roasted seeds and a sage and onion vegan mayo sums up the perfect flavours of Christmas in one mouthful. And the best part? Cranberry and poppy seed bread. Why has no one else thought of making festive bread? We highly recommend you stop what you're doing and go and grab one of these before they sell out.

An undeniable and worthy winner, 10/10 with smiles all round.

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The best £3 we have ever spent.