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We visited BackWood: Brighton’s underrated sustainable cafe

Good grub and cheap drinks all while saving the planet? Yes please

While we all know that Brighton is famous for its exceptional vegan cafes and vegetarian scene, places that still sell meat and dairy products while being economically friendly can be a bit rare.

Introducing BackWood: a Sustainable Cafe just off London Road which prides itself on being zero-waste. These are just a few of the great things about it:

The food

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From breakfasts to salads to cakes, BackWood is sure to tickle your fancy with their food menu. You could have homemade granola, bacon and egg baps, scrambled tofu, pretty much anything for breakfast.

For lunch there's a stunning roasted cauliflower salad, or for the more traditionals out there, a classic ham and cheese toastie. There are even BackWood Hashes which cater to all, from meat lovers through to vegans. And for all you sweet-toothed people, they can promise there will be something you like, whether it be a pear and chocolate tarte, or a gluten free oreo brownie.

Did w mention that it's all really reasonably priced too? Perfect for us poor students.

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We STAN a halloumi and roasted veg toastie

The drinks

Whether you're a coffee lover or prefer a juice, they will have it. Their drinks game is strong, to put it simply. The juices range from simple to packed full with fruit and veg, they have a ridiculously large selection of teas, and best of all, their lattes are to die for. Plus you can have it with pretty much whatever milk you want: cow, oat, almond, the list goes on.

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A heart or bum cheeks? Either way the L'artte is on point

The space

Located on New England Road just off London Road, it's the perfect spot for a cuppa before you embark on the charity shops that are all over London Road.

Plus, the inside is like the epitome of a trendy, up-and-coming cafe. With plants all over the walls it is perfectly representative of Brighton, and massive glass windows at the front means that you can actually experience some of the sunlight.

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It's sustainable!

Last but most definitely not least, is the main thing about it: it's eco-friendly. BackWood prides itself on a zero-waste system, so everything is either recycled fairly or used again in the cafe. They don't sell takeaway cups, so you either bring your own or you sit in and drink. They also have multiple bins available for any waste you do have, ensuring that putting the correct things in the correct bin will mean it is recycled and correctly used again.

Still think there's nothing like a guilt-free cup of coffee? It's time to think again. If you're interested, Backwood is open Mon – Fri 7:30am – 5:30pm and Sat – Sun 9am – 5:30pm.