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Breaking: Sussex house has been blockaded by protestors

They have been blocking the entrances since 7am

University of Sussex students in solidarity with striking staff have blocked entrances and exits to Sussex House, leading to the building being closed until further notice.

Banners have been placed around the building displaying slogans attacking the university's Vice-Chancellor, such as "F*ck [Adam] Tickell" and "Slay the neoliberal beast". Protestors have also used chalk to write on the walls of Sussex House. Tents have been put up as students plan to blockade the building until their demands have been met.

As a result, the building, which is the administrational centre of the University has been closed, and staff have been moved elsewhere.

Sussex Supports the Strike, the group who organised the protest, posted a statement on Facebook, which heavily criticised the Vice-Chancellor: "Adam Tickell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex, who earns around £300,000 per year has failed to redress the deplorable gender, race and disability pay gaps".

The protestors have published a list of demands such as a call "for meaningful negotiation" between University administration and UCU, and a call for all withheld staff wages to be placed in "the hardship fund".

When approached for comment by the Sussex Tab, one protestor told our reporter to "f*ck off" through a megaphone.

However, another protestor who agreed to speak to us, told the Sussex Tab "We have been here since 7am in tents, and we think we will be blockading for the entire day."

They added: "I think the university will meet our demands but if not then we will carry on until they do."

A spokesperson for the University of Sussex told the Sussex Tab: "This industrial action has been called over national issues affecting university staff across the country and we respect the rights of our staff who are taking part. For everyone affected, we really hope that a resolution can be found quickly.

“Here at Sussex, our overwhelming focus is on minimising disruption to our students’ education and keeping university services running.

"A small number of students are currently outside the entrances to Sussex House on our campus. We have made alternative arrangements for staff who work in this building and work is continuing as usual."