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Deadlines and dirty dishes: The life of a second year at the University of Sussex

The reality of growing up hits hard, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

You're nearly halfway through your second year of university. You've forgotten all about how expensive co-op is, and you've finally deleted the circuit laundry app.

As expected, second year is really hard. But the challenges of second year are ones to embrace. Challenges at university are a part of the process and it's useless trying to avoid them. Here’s what to expect as a second year student:

Deadline after deadline after deadline

From first year to second year, the amount of work goes up, like a lot. Grades start actually counting and the level of library hours needed to achieve a good mark starts to get ridiculous.

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No more trundling down to class at 8:45am

Whether you’re travelling by the train, bus, bike or car, the change in schedule for an off-campus second year student hits hard. After a messy night out, no longer can you amble down to your lectures ten minutes before they start.

Instead you’ll be up bright and early at 7:30am, standing in the cold, waiting to catch a bus that will inevitably be full.

Say goodbye to going out every night

As first year ends, so do the days of going out every night of the week. The work is ramping up and extra curricular commitments are overwhelming you, so getting wasted every evening just isn't realistic anymore.

But it's still important to make time for yourself. Finding the perfect work/club balance is the key to having a successful second year.

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Study Abroad

Then, for many students, a big question comes into play. That question concerns as to whether or not to apply to study abroad.

The decision is massive, as it will determine the length of your stay at University, adding another load of costs, and also means saying goodbye to your friends.

However, it could provide some of the most rewarding experiences of your life. With Universities in Europe, Australia, America and Asia accepting students, the world is you.

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Washing up.

No one is safe from it, and nothings changed in this instance from first to second year. Dishes left on the side for days are commonplace. But this year, you aren't just living in disgusting uni halls anymore, you actually care about this house.

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Cleanliness at its finest

All in all, whilst 2nd year may sound like it's all doom and gloom, the responsibilities and challenges you face are what make it special. Overcoming these challenges will only help to benefit you in future endeavours, and the opportunities during the year are unlimited.