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Sussex man accused of strangling women during sex says he’s ‘not a misogynist’

He sobbed in the witness box as he was questioned by the prosecution barrister

A man from Sussex has been accused of acting out fantasies of raping unconcious women.

The self employed 24-year-old engineer, Neil Scott-O'Connor, allegedly fantasied about rape and having sex with women who were unconscious.

It was alleged that Scott-O'Connor tried to act out these fantasies against two of the women.

At Brighton Crown Court, in front of barrister Richard Hearnden, Scott-O'Connor denied the two choking charges, death threats and assaults.

The prosecutor in court described how he would send "nasty" abusive messages to the two women.

Mr Hearnden said the defendant started to accuse the women of cheating to "grind them down" to become obedient.

The women told the court Scott-O'Connor had strangled them during sex and covered them in unwanted love bites to "tag" them.

The first woman alleged Scott assaulted her several times, once with hitting her head with a car door and on another occasion hitting her with a wine glass on the head.

Mr Hearnden told the court the defendant had threatened to torch her home, shoot her, bury her alive and rape her.

Scott-O'Connor denies all the charges and states that he did not strangle any women or attack them.

He said: "I was a bit of a player, I was childish I admit that."

The trial of the Scott-O'Connor, of St Michael's Way, Partridge Green, continues.