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I went to Pryzm Brighton sober and this is what happened

Swapping £3.50 doubles for tap water

I’m that person who normally takes it too far on a night out, so as a personal challenge I decided to braze a Pryzm's infamous Epik Wednesday completely sober.

Spoiler: It wasn't Epik.

1) My new job as a personal assistant/ life coach

People really need to piss when they’re pissed. As there was no fear of me breaking the seal, I became the toilet attendant, catering to all my friends needs: bag holder, toilet roll getter, body suit tailor, makeup concierge, and of course the shoulder to cry on.

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2) Take a shot (of water) every time my personal space was invaded

When you’re sober at a club, time goes unbearably slow (I definitely checked my phone 100 times) Personal space is not a thing and you realise how much rubbish people actually talk. The queue at the bar also feels ten times as painful, but with no cold VK at the end. Sad times.

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Taking a rest from all that small talk

3) The cheese room aka my Prince Charming

All hope was lost, until we hit the multicoloured dance floor of pure music bliss. From High School Musical to Whitney Houston, it was banger after banger that kept me going that fateful night. And being sober left no room to mess up the lyrics, or fall flat on my face performing my cringiest dance moves.

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Waiting for the DJ to play "Breaking Free"

4) It was freezing

Alcohol layer really is a thing. When I would have embraced the cold sea air after necking my water bottle of vodka squash at pres, I brought out the big guns with my huge winter coat, because why should I suffer more?

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Woe is me

5) It was a cheap night

This was an obvious factor of the night. Minus entry and cloak room, I honestly did not spend a penny, which my bank account thanked me for, and meant that the twenty odd quid I could have spent on drinks, bought me a cute dress on ASOS.

6) A good night sleep and no regrets

Instead of crashing on my bed fully clothed and still in my makeup, I was feeling cosy and prepared to make my Thursday lecture with the added bonus of glowing skin curtesy of the 2L of water I probably drank in the club.

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Super cosy and no sick bucket in sight