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Alternatives to keeping warm this winter when you can’t afford your heating

It appears we have contracted frost bite

Winter is well on its way and it's looking pretty ferocious already. It is deadline crunch time and quite frankly, you cannot afford to get a cold and be sick. Living in Brighton is expensive enough without having to buy flu medicine because you're heating has either packed up or you simply can't afford it because you're a student.

Here's our top tips to staying warm this winter when the heating is just too expensive.

Warm showers

Take an extra hot shower, lather up and forget about the icy temperature inside your house. But the showers can't be too long because that water bill is yet another financial burden.

Also, if your hot water runs on a tank don't be out of order and use it all before your housemates can even get a look in. No one likes a hot water hogger.

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Keeping it PG


Whoever invented these magnificent household items deserves all the happiness in the world. They are the solution to any problem, unless you don't have boiling water in them, that's when they become pretty useless.

Seriously though, they will keep you warm so we really do recommend this tip.

Burn candles

Not only do they smell fantastic, they all let off a significant amount of heat. Just don't have them too close to your curtains, duvet or anything that could catch alight.

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Walking fire safety hazard

You definitely won't be able to afford losing your deposit due to a house fire if you can't pay for the heating.

Layers are key

Hoodies, thermals, dressing gowns and blankets will be your best friends in a situation like this.

When it is too unbearably cold just throw on any warm clothing you own, it'll work a charm.

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Warm yourself with the tears you cry over bills not included

You envy those who have bills included, but how the other half live won't keep you down for long. Just think, you are making memories with your housemates and suffering together whilst others are just simply cranking the heating up an extra couple of degrees, boring.

Then again, all of this could have been avoided if you would have just looked for a house which is bills included. So, in reality, you only have yourself to blame.