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Sussex students offered money for disruptions to hot water and electricity

Some were offered as little as £6.93.

Students from The University of Sussex living on-campus have been offered a rent rebate as a result of disruption to vital services such as hot water and heating.

Students have described having to endure cold showers, not being able to wash their hands, power cuts, no heating, and no means of properly washing up.

In an email to students, The University of Sussex described the level of disruption as "unacceptable" and told residents: "This is not the introduction to Sussex we had hoped you would receive".

However, the amount being returned to residents has been described by some as "disgusting" and "not good enough for the losses caused".

One Northfield resident claims they had hot water and heating that didn't function properly for six weeks and has been offered a rent rebate of just £6.93.

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Another Northfield resident told The Sussex Tab: "The power cut off midday for around seven hours.

"After the clocks went back only a few days before, it was inconvenient and frustrating to say the least, given that we were also in complete darkness for over three hours.

"All the water also ran out, leaving us with no water to drink or toilet and showering facilities unless we walked at least ten minutes to the nearest building with power"

She also exclusively told The Sussex Tab she had been offered a rent rebate of £32.41 and that Northfield residents are "still complaining about getting an inadequate rebate".

Despite this, the University has emailed residents claiming: "We care enormously about your experience at Sussex and our teams will continue to do everything possible to make sure your time here is comfortable."