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We investigated how expensive the Sussex Campus Co-op really is

Results: nothing but a financial burden

Students are known for being poor, and the Sussex University campus Co-op's ridiculous prices don't make it any easier. With it being the closest supermarket for many students and more convenient that trekking into town, we are left we are sometimes left with no choice but to blow our student loan in the store.

We procrastinated from our deadlines so you don't have to and decided to find out how expensive the Co-op actually is compared to other supermarkets.


It's a student go-to and such an easy mean, but the cheapest pasta at the Co-op isn't so cheap. The cheapest we could find was 65p, whereas Asda or Tesco are offering God's greatest gift to students for on 20p.

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The essentials

Bread and milk are two fundamental items on every shopping list.

Co-op milk is 85p for two pints, whereas Tesco are 80p and then Asda at 79p. Not a huge difference but every little helps.

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Bread can be purchased at co-op for a whopping great 85p! Student's 'loaf' Tesco so much as their bread is marked at 36p. Last, but not 'yeast' is Asda with a 55p loaf of bread – the price has significantly 'risen'.

Laundry products

Just in case Circuit laundry doesn't rip you off enough, the Co-Op does too. Surf Laundry powder is almost half price in Asda compared to the Co Op's rip off price of £5.80. Even going own brand at the Co Op won't save you any money, 16 of their Non Bio pods is £5.99, own brand at Tesco is £2.85 (for 20) or £2.84 (for 19) at Asda.

Bold 3 in 1 pods are a whooping £5.95 at the Co-Op, a 58 per cent price increase than Asda's £2.50.

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Arguably an essential, right? Better go to Asda for £1.25 a can and a wide choice of flavours. I'm not paying £3.15!

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This beloved drink acts as mixer, hangover cure and all round energy booster is a spenny item to buy at co-op for £2.30. You can find it for only £1.00 at either Asda or Tesco!

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The 'bargains' they proudly display

Bargains? Absolutely not.

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£1.80 for some Coke?

Putting 'only' at the start doesn't make it seem cheaper.

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Here's all the hacks you could ever need for your favourite branded items and shopping essentials.

You can thank us later.