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We spoke to the Sussex sports societies making the best efforts this Movember

It’s about more than just the moustache

This November, some Sussex boys have ditched the razor and let their tashes and facial hair grow wild and free. The abundance of creative moustache's being sported have made for some 'interesting' sights across campus, but it's all in the name of fantastic cause. Now that we're halfway through the month, it means the Movember movement really is in full force.

The Sussex Tab caught up with boys from some Sussex sports teams who have been going the extra mile to show their support for the Movember foundation, asking them for their reasons behind embracing the tash.

Sussex Men's Lacrosse

Sussex Men's Lacrosse are doing Movember this year in support of Grassroots Suicide Prevention, the Brighton based suicide prevention charity.

Grassroots run a number of courses, workshops and community programmes which aim to educate, reduce stigma and create a network of people committed to tackling suicide in the UK.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab, they said "Five of our Lacrosse Men attended one of Grassroots 'Real Talk' workshops at the end of last year and felt it was a real eye opener"

"The session the boys attended has helped us run our 'Free chats' sessions in Library Square as well as making our commitment to participating in Movember and producing our annual calendar, both in aid of Grassroots, even more meaningful".

They also explained the Grassroots 'Stay Alive' app, which they have found to be an effective way in sharing avenues of support, especially amongst the student community.

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From top left: Spencer Thompson (Biochemistry), James Shaw (Law), James Guant Roberts (International Relations), Sullie Davies (Chemistry), Lewis Williams (History and Film).

To support the Lacrosse boys you can donate to their Just Giving Page here.

Sussex Men's Rugby

Sussex Men's Rugby are supporting the Movember movement for the second year running.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab, they said "Not only is the treatment of the disease crucial to finding the solution, breaking down the stigma of testicular and prostate cancer as well as mental health and suicide prevention is often overlooked"

"By looking silly for a month we hope to reach out to those who don't feel entirely comfortable addressing these tough issues. We would encourage as many people as possible to donate as well as sharing our journey to raise as much awareness as possible".

They added "Even the shortest of conversations can save a life. Let's get talking guys".

Here are the Rugby boys sporting the best looking tash's

Max 'Scorpion' Morris-Edwards, 3rd Year, Economics

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Jack Roberts, First Team Coach

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Tom Payne, 3rd Year, Psychology

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Tom Desborough, Law & Spanish

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Max Mcardle, 2nd Year, Economics

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Daniel Grimster, 2nd Year, Economics & Finance

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George 'Tess' White, 2nd Year, Economics & Finance

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The boys have already managed to raise over £953 collectively, and you can support them by donating to their Movember page here.

Sussex Men's Hockey

The boys at Sussex Men's hockey have already raised over £1,100 so far but they say it's really not all about the money.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab, they said "Mental Health is so important to us as a society, so raising awareness is paramount. Unfortunately suicide is the biggest killer of men our age, so it's never been more important to open up and realise that we're not alone in anything".

"If growing a moustache gets people talking about how they feel, then who really needs a beard trimmer anyway".

Here are the Hockey boys sporting the best looking tash's

Alex Drummond, Biomedical Science

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Tom Demery, Marketing & Management

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Ollie Hassini, International Business & French

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To help the hockey boys keep raising money for this fantastic cause, you can donate to their Movember page here.