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The life of a Fresher at The University of Sussex

It’s a learning curve for all

Everyone can relate to the worry you feel before starting your first year at University. Being away from home, the urge to skip lectures and seminars and the whole 'first year doesn't count' vibe.

Here are all the realities of what it's like being in your first year at Sussex.

Circuit Laundry

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Circuit laundry is the bane of any students life, it eats up all your funds and all of your socks.

Freshers quickly learn that you can re-wear a pair of trousers and that washing a pink pair of pants with your favourite white top will never quite go the way you planned.

Unless you go home frequently, then it's best to stay on top of your washing because no one wants to go commando to their 9am.

When the homesickness hits

Most students get excited over the thought of some freedom and the first taste of independent living.

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But be warned, you will miss the comforts of home sooner than you think.

Make sure you keep in touch with friends and family back home and don't fight the urge to go back for a nice home cooked meal.

Living in the heart of campus

When you first arrive the campus can seem daunting, it's a big place and has loads of buildings so feeling overwhelmed is only natural.

We are literally based on Stanmer Park so going out on lots of walks is the perfect opportunity to explore our campus. Also, bring your flatmates along and make some memories with them.

Making memories

Luckily Sussex is a gorgeous blend of nature as well as an urban backdrop. There are also lots of places for coffee, which are worth a visit.

So many Fresher events

The best thing about living in a big popular city like Brighton is the number of events which are happening all the time.

From messy nights out on the seafront to wholesome plant sales, there is never a dull moment and there are events for every single person.

Meeting new people

The chance to meet loads of new people is one of the best things about university. The first lot of people you'll meet is your flat, but that doesn't mean you can't go and meet people on your course or a society.

We don't doubt for one second that you won't sign up to every other stall at the Fresher's fair. The best thing about University is that you can easily meet one new person every day.

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Nothing beats a Przym Wednesday

Student budgeting? Never heard of it

Nothing prepares you for the excitement of finally getting in your student loan, especially during Fresher’s week, and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the financial independence.

Student loans, as many quickly learn, do not last forever and can run out if not budgeted and no-one wants to be stuck halfway through the year unsure of how to afford a food shop. Beans on toast anyone?

Cooking your own food

A big adjustment for most first year’s is having to cook all your own food. Whether you opt for the pot noodle route or batch cooking obsessively it is a strange alteration.

Every first year will experience some sort of cooking disaster along the line but it helps everyone learn overall. And don’t forget, if all else fails order in a takeaway.

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Did someone say Chinese?