A guide to the best street art Brighton has to offer

Who knew Brighton had so much art

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It’s no secret that Brighton is the home to some of the best quality street art and graffiti in the country. From popular instagramable spots to the less high-profile, hidden gems, we have put together an iconic collection ready for you to get the most out of the art in this colourful city (and get that all important pic for the gram).

'Cult Classics'

‘That mural with all the dead rock stars’

If you know Brighton, you may already be familiar with this artwork. First appearing in 2013 and then updated in 2017, this mural stretches across an entire side of The Prince Albert pub on Trafalgar Street.

Just a minute or two away from Brighton station, this work depicts around thirty diseased icons of the music industry including Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. It truly is a Dad’s fantasy dinner party, on a wall.

Artist 'REQ' has also set up a 'Spray paint Academy for girls', which offers free lessons to any woman/ girl, in an effort to help get more female expression on to the streets of Brighton. Several members of the academy contributed to the icons wall.

@reqimage req1.co.uk and Sinna One.

Banksy’s kissing policemen

However, the icons were not what originally gave the ' Prince Albert's' wall it’s royalty-status in 'Brighton' street art. ‘Kissing coppers’ by Banksy, the master himself first appeared on the very same wall in 2005. Victim to attacks of vandalism, the powerful image of two policemen embracing has since been in auction in The States.

In 2011, the original image was replaced with a copy which is still there today. The replica is a pretty convincing copy. And although you know you’re not looking at a Banksy, his powerful social commentary and use of irony still shines through.

Simpsons x Avengers

Any ‘Avengers’ or ‘The Simpsons’ fans, you’re in luck. Here street artist @toska11 combines two iconic elements of American film and TV to fill a huge backstreet wall. This truly is the crossover we didn't know we needed . Head down to St Peters street just off London Road to see Marge and Homer fighting a 'Mr Burns-Thanos', with a donut shaped shield and cooking utensils. It's good stuff.

Stranger things x Simpsons

@toska11 did a similar mural on Trafalgar lane, depicting the 'Stranger Things' characters again in the unmistakable style of the Simpsons. Unfortunately though, a large portion of the work can no longer be seen, so definitely take a look at the Avengers one asap!

Rick & Morty

If animations are your thing, don’t miss the recent ‘Rick and Morty’ mural near London Road.


Check out @mickmowgli for striking portraits of humans, reptiles and much more. The artist has told us that they will have some new work going up soon, so keep an eye out when you're out and about.

Colourful cubes

Seen these colourful ‘isometric’ cubes around the city? They're the work of esteemed artists @snub_23 and creative partner @i.am.sprite. Check out these truly insta-worthy designs that capture the essence of this colourful city brilliantly. Definitely head to Oxford Court to see the impressive wall covering an NHS building, @i.am.sprite notes 'we were asked to paint their exterior wall with a pride theme ready for the parade'.

Small but mighty

Brighton is the home to hundreds of great pieces of smaller-scale street art too. Let’s take a quick look at just a couple of worthy mentions:

Parking 'restrictions'

You can find this little plaque that's on Max Miller walk along the sea front. Artist '@thehouseofplace offers witty commentary on Brighton's notoriously strict parking restrictions.

If only.

A little Banksy

Finally, look out for smaller scale spray paint works by '@a.pozas_art'. Working in the monochromatic, stencil style evocative of Banksy, this local artist promotes similar themes of universal love and diversity, and also comments on contemporary political climates in bold and exciting ways.

The artist told us that their work unfortunately gets covered up sometimes, 'the day after, if it's something political, or for some ignorant people, if the art is gay art'.

Brighton's street art scene is constantly evolving, and it's as rich in variety as it is colour. Get yourselves out there to admire these beauties, and snap some shots of your favourites.