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A guide to self care in Brighton

For when you need an escape from stressful deadlines or annoying flatmates (or both)

At university it seems as if you're constantly surrounded by people, whether that be flatmates, family or other working students in the library. Company is great, but sometimes you need a bit of me time away from all the busyness.

We have provided some top tips for self care and ways to remain wholesome whilst at uni.

Escape the Country: The Downs

Devil's Dyke

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Don't be put off by the name, this place is actually pretty heavenly- tucked into the South Downs, Devil's Dyke has all the rolling hills, grassy fields and breathtaking views necessary to clear your mind.

Accessible via the 77 bus, you can venture into the valley, relax with a book, or nip to the pub for a cheeky pint. It might not solve all your problems, but it's pretty hard to feel stressed with views like this:

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Seven Sisters Country Park

Head Dover heels for this beautiful view

Just 45 minutes away on the coastal 12 bus from outside Sea Life, this country park is the perfect escape for when you need some time to think. It's white Dover-esque cliffs, quiet beaches and flat green fields make perfect exploring territory, keeping you fit as well as giving you some peace and quiet to heal your mind. Bring a book, some paper and pens or your favourite tunes and let Mother Nature refresh you.


It's no secret that exercise is one of the best stress-relievers out there, and there is definitely something for everyone to get those endorphins rushing.


Ever heard that two wheels are better than four? Pedal your problems away, and enjoy the sensational scenery Brighton has to offer whilst you're at it. National cycle routes can take you through the tranquil greenery of the South Downs, along the bustling seafront, or further afield to explore neighbouring towns, such as Shoreham-by-Sea.

Don't have a bike? Borrow one. BTN Bikeshare allows you to rent a bike for only 3 pence per minute, with numerous pick-up and drop-off locations in and around the city.

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Having a wheelie good time


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You may think that you do this already, and as cathartic it is to have a drunk boogie with your mates at a club night, it's more likely to leave you feeling broken than refreshed in the morning. Why not try a dance class at one of Brighton's dance studios, where £7 can get you an hour long group lesson for any level or style you choose.

Alternatively, try a dance fitness class to combine your workout with some funky club music.

Home comforts

Homemade spa

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Maybe get a manicure too?

Quite possibly the most tried and tested method of relaxation, settle yourself down with a facemask, hot bath or even just a dark room with some scented candles. A real spa trip may not be possible on your student loan, but shutting yourself off from the world for some meditation time definitely is.

Add a glass (or bottle) of wine for an extra tranquillity.

Netflix and chill

An oldie but goldie, and possibly the student all-time favourite- some good old-fashioned flopping in front of your laptop/TV. Shut out the cold, harsh world for a few hours, and delve into the alternative realities of your favourite shows. Just remember to resurface from your blanket cave eventually.

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Ice cream is optional

Self care season is every season.